Jersey City Rental Market: Growing from strength to strength

Residents of Jersey City have always boasted about the downtown waterfront being the best spot to enjoy the iconic New York City's skyline. The same cannot be said about New York though. This among many other factors has resulted in Jersey City becoming one of the most expensive cities to rent a home in the entire USA. It even reached the top spot in the month of June as per a report by the listing portal Rent. The average rent of a Jersey City apartment was $3,334 as per a report by Zumper, that's a 55% increase year-over-year.... READ MORE


The State of Real Estate 2022 vs 2021

The Federal Reserve increased the interest rate for the fourth time this year by 75 basis points in early November. Standing true by the statement they made earlier this year that to combat inflation they will be increasing the interest rate systematically throughout the year. Inflation and the increase in interest rates have hit the housing market hard. Something that was at its peak at the same time last year.... READ MORE