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About Us

GN MANAGEMENT is a full-service developer of luxury properties. Our company is based in Jersey city, with an unwavering commitment and passion for developing high quality, uniquely designed residential buildings. Founded by Mr. ONKAR SINGH in 2010, GN MANAGEMENT Specializes in the development of ground-up residential projects in Jersey City.


Our mission is to build your Homes not houses, to achieve a fine balance between luxury and affordability, and to provide quality homes through achieving excellence in development & management with only the best people to drive our projects through to the very best end possible.


GN MANAGEMENT takes pride in its ability to foresee up-and-coming neighborhoods and to identify development opportunities before the rest of the market catches on. The firm


Our portfolio is diverse, comprised of apartments, condominium, multi family homes, rentals and refurbishments

Investment & Development

GN Management's leadership team is equipped with top lenders, investors, leading architects, and joint venture partners.


Our team of seasoned construction professionals has over 10 years of combined technical expertise and knowledge across a wide range of property types.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing, sales and leasing for our portfolio is managed directly by our marketing and sales team from inception to completion.

Our Projects

Luxury Apartment Rentals

Nanak Niwas Homes
Nanak Niwas Homes
Nanak Niwas Homes
Nanak Niwas Homes
Nanak Niwas Homes

Multi Family Residences

47 Terhune Ave
57 Beacon Ave
136 Logan Ave
144 146 148 Logan Ave
241 Terrace Ave
270 272 Seaview Ave
274 276 Seaview Ave
306 Winfield Ave
358 Virginia Ave
605 Bergen Ave

Future Projects

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